Precision HVAC is proudly affiliated with the following

As an industry leader for nearly 35 years, Precision HVAC has cultivated relationships with some of the most important and respected organizations surrounding the HVAC business. Precison HVAC’s affiliations are the result of years of working with both residential and commercial air conditioning and heating systems.

In addition to sales, installation, and maintenance, Precision HVAC performs a wide range of services for their clients. Among them are the following: system tune-up and inspection, oil to gas conversions, humidification systems, air exchange systems, refrigerant recovery, de-humidification, duct work and vents, air cleaning systems & UV lights, and emergency cooling systems.

To make things as hassle-free as possible for our clients, Precision HVAC obtains and fills out any required local town permits for the installation of heating and air conditioning equipment. For example, when installing gas lines for gas-powered generators, we take out the permits, run the gas line from the gas meter to the generator, and put on a pressure test for the inspector.

And with every new air conditioning system installation a Honeywell digital thermostat is installed, which comes with a time delay to protect the air conditioning system from short cycling.

By providing effective solutions to the heating and cooling problems of homeowners within Union, Essex, and Morris Counties, Precision HVAC has built a reputation for dependable service and competitive pricing in northern New Jersey.

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