FAQs about HVAC in NJ

HVAC - Frequently Asked Questions

If I want to add on central air conditioning to my furnace, do I need to replace my furnace?

You may not have to, but in most cases the new evaporator coils are too tall and will not fit on top of the old furnace.

If putting in a high efficiency gas furnace that doesn’t use the chimney for the flue gases, do I need to put in a chimney liner?

Yes you do. It is now required because the size of the clay liner is too large for just the hot water heater.

Sometimes I get water on the floor near the furnace because the condensate pump stopped working. What can I do?

We install condensate pumps that will shut the system off if the pump is not working.

I do not feel the air conditioning coming out of the registers, why?

The most common cause for this is a dirty air filter. If you have a 1” filter, it needs to be replaced every 3 months.

In the winter my house seems to gather more dust. What can I do?

Having a good high efficiency air cleaner will help, but also having a humidifier will help keep dust down.

After the hurricane we had mold in our home. What can I do to make sure the air in our home is mold free?

Installing UV lights into the duct system will kill all of the mold and bacteria in the air.

We added on a big addition room and can’t seem to heat or cool it properly, what can we do?

Installing a Ductless Heat pump for the room will solve your entire problem.

Why do I need to have my furnace or overhead a/c systems serviced?

The furnace needs to be checked to make sure the air filters are clean. The humidifier pad should be replaced every winter so that it works properly and doesn’t leak, and the drain line should be cleaned out. For the overhead a/c system, the air filter is replaced, Freon levels checked and most importantly, the drain line is blown out so that it does not back up and overflow onto your ceilings.

What is your service area?

Looking for a reliable HVAC service and maintenance company near you? Our main service is in Northern New Jersey. We service Union, Essex and Morris county as well as residential and commercial air conditioning/heating systems in the surrounding New Jersey counties. Our main office is located in New Providence and we service the nearby towns of Summit, Chatham, Madison, Millburn, Springfield, Morristown, Short Hills, Livingston, Florham Park, Maplewood and all surrounding towns.

Do you offer financing for new equipment and installation?

Yes we do, please contact us for details at (908) 464-8880.

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