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Professional HVAC Service in Chatham NJ

At Precision HVAC, we make sure you get the heating and cooling system that suits your home and your energy usage. These are some of the systems that we work with regularly.

Heat Pumps: In this case, the heat pump is outdoors, and an air handling unit is inside. Cooling and heating either come from the air or from a ground (geothermal) source. Consequently, heat is either added or taken from the air prior to being circulated throughout the home via a central blower and ducts or using a ductless system.

Split Systems: With this system, the outdoor and indoor units are separate. The outdoor unit contains the air conditioner while the indoor unit has the blower to circulate air through the ducts and the furnace if your home has central heat,.

Ductless Mini-Split Systems: The main difference between these systems and normal split systems is that mini-split systems have multiple air handling units in separate rooms or zones throughout the house, so there’s no need for a central duct network. We install Ductless systems from 1 to 3 zones.

HVAC Sales, Service and Installation in Chatham, New Jersey

At Precision HVAC, we meet the needs of businesses and homes in Chatham, New Jersey by offering the right products and quality service to anyone interested in installation, repairs or inspections of their heating and cooling equipment.

Because your heating and cooling system enables you to stay warm in the winter and cool during the summer, it basically controls your home environment. Since you spend a majority of your time inside the home, it is crucial to maintain this system properly. Whether you are ready to replace an existing HVAC system or you are building a new home from scratch, your heating and cooling system will make a big difference in how comfortable you are in a new or renovated home, and the amount you pay for your utility bills.

Heating, Ventilation and Cooling System Repair

Not only is Precision HVAC known for its efficient and cost-effective heating and cooling system installation, our expertise also extends to superior HVAC service and repair. Because most people run their systems continuously throughout the year, any number of service issues can crop up at a given time. While not having your AC or furnace turning on when it should may only be a thermostat issue, it could indicate a more serious problem that our technicians are well-equipped to handle.

For example, if you’ve done necessary maintenance such as replacing the air filter and your AC system is still blowing warm air instead of cold or you’re feeling cool air when you need warm air, then it would be a good idea to contact one of our expert HVAC technicians.

Serving Your Neighborhood

If you are a resident of Chatham, Summit, New Providence, Livingston, Millburn, Maplewood, Short Hills or in one of the surrounding NJ towns and have a problem with your HVAC system or you are looking to install a new AC or heating system, please give us a call at 908-464-8880.

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